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You are here because you are curious. Let me turn your curiosity into an experience. An experience that will, for at least a brief moment, allow you to escape your everyday life, filled with distractions and responsibilities with very little time for you.

For a brief time, let me take you on an escape where all that exist are you and me. Perhaps our time together starts with a delicious dinner at your favorite restaurant, some laughter and conversation over an elegantly aged glass of wine. You are intoxicated, not from the wine but from my beauty and the scent of my perfume. We take our time eating your favorite meal, perhaps sharing a dessert, a single spoon as I feed you, licking the chocolate cream from your lips.

The night is, of course, still young. We take a short walk back to our hotel room. I excuse myself to the ladies room to slip into something more comfortable, moments later appearing in what you imagine is a being from another planet – beautiful, soft, elegant, goddess-like. The scent of my perfume fills the air and intoxicates you even more.

I sit you down, smother you in soft delicious kisses and feel every inch of your body with my lady-like hands. Our eyes close, our lips meet, our bodies touch, our breaths exchange… And an evening that you thought couldn’t get better, just did.

My name is Vittoria. I am an independent, elite courtesan in the Toronto area providing sensual experience to mature, established professionals in the Toronto area. As I believe we should get to know each other in a natural environment, I will tell you only very little about me to start. I am university-educated and hold a graduate degree. I am well-versed in world events and can engage in meaningful conversation in several topic areas. I am very versatile and can fit in well in any social setting. I can be the stunning brunette on your arm at a black tie, the tomboy in a pair of jeans, cheering for your favorite team at a sporting event, your companion on an intimate getaway, or your playmate on a quiet night indoors.

At 33 years old, I stand at about 5’9 with high heels, with endlessly long legs. I have a Model look with a slim size 4, immaculate, toned figure and eyes to die for. There are many sides to me and I think we can have fun as you explore them all.

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