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Amazonian Queen of Erotic Passion, your wild escapade

My wonderful Gentlemen,

I am glad you arrived at my page! I truly hope soon we kiss and embrace each other.... Please allow me to introduce myself…

Self-proclaimed ‘Amazonian Queen of Erotic Passion’ often called a 'Force of Nature' and 'Hurricane Valeria'
Known for providing my signature SAE: a wild escapade full of sweet kisses and passionate moments.

I possess a coquettish femininity and a sinfully velvety body with the exotic blend of an Amazonian princess and a sultry feline: long luscious dark hair, dreamy dark eyes and dangerous latin curves. My love for dance and exercise have shaped my petite toned body. I can’t wait for you to kiss and explore my soft caramel-sun kissed skin and lips.

I yearn intimacy and genuine connections... and that's what I hope for us to share together. I truly enjoy to create closeness with my clients. I cant deny that every rendezvous, in a real sense, depends of our connection but you can be confident that I can be your best friend and your demanding mistress...lets our fantasies run wild.


I have always wished to write a bio and tell my reasons why I am here. I believe our conversations will allow for mutual discovery. However, I would like to share with you that I am a full-time entrepreneur-in-the-making. I love books and read mostly non-fiction and poetry. I enjoy podcasts about entrepreneurship and why and how people are successful. I love food and cooking and even though I am vegan, I can cook meat dishes that will drive you crazy. I do not know anything about wine or scotch but I do know I like red wine. Meditation and spirituality are a big theme in my daily routine.

Hope to meet you soon!

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