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Sinclair Chek - Sin Creeps In

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In the movie based on your life when you meet Sinclair it's a turning point, she's the kind of woman who strolls in the room and doesn't really look anywhere other than where she's supposed to be. Her gait is confident, her strides long and fluid. You see her, she does not see you, but you're intrigued. If you take a chance and approach her she will bless you with inexplicable contradictions. A complicated girl with simple desires she is at home in a crowded room but loves the solitude and familiarity of her own bedroom. There manages to be an overwhelming feeling of risk that thrums through you with every touch she casually and fleetingly lays on you.

She spends her days enjoying cups of tea, her cats.... ok all cats, comic books, sweet treats, science, and technology, writing and dreaming of far off beaches, modeling and designing.

It turns out that contradictions are addictive.

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