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EXOTIC Asia Valentina · Toronto Escort

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Roleplay Sweetheart, BDSM Minx, Fantasy Queen with a sprinkle of sexy, exotic je ne sais quoi. ;) Your Kinky Little Secret.

Dearest Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you are a Man or Woman with a free mind and a wild heart, who values hygiene and understands Quality over Quantity, then you are perfect for me. So, what makes me perfect for you?

ROLEPLAY SWEETHEART, BDSM MINX or FANTASY QUEEN. Nurse, Maid, Schoolgirl, Spy, Ex Girlfriend, Yoga Instructor, Submissive.

Oh yes, it is I, Asia Valentina. The shy, petite, cat-eyed innocent girl who you knew had a very, very naughty side. All the classy and sophisticated exterior is undoubtedly a misleading front, though I have found to be a very excellent foreplay strategy. Don't get me wrong, I conduct myself with poise and grace at the dinner table, but when the door is shut and you've entered my Fantasy World, debauchery will viciously take over.

Early 20s - 34C-25-36 by statistics, standing at 5'3". I have been called a spin-ner, while others, a hot Asian babe with a booty to bounce. My stamina knows no limits. I do hope so, as I like taking care of myself.

Currently Toronto-based BUT definitely passionate about Travelling, wherever excitement takes me. Wine me and dine me, bring those leathery wings. These are a few of my favourite things.


Asia Valentina

Of course, feel free to E-mail me for anything you may be curious about. Perhaps a fantasy you've been pondering on? The human mind excites me, so I'd love to hear about them.

* Recommended Clubs - Oasis, Patricia Marsh's, Subspace
** I do enjoy spending time with interesting men and women, who value hygiene and respect. I recommend a 3-hour date - not too long, not too quick... Just perfect. 1-hour dates can be somewhat a kinky quicksie, or even an 'ice-breaker', especially if it is a first date. Regardless, time makes no difference in the QUALITY of my company.

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