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Enchanting Luxury Alternative Paramour

Do you ever fantasize about the perfect love? Do you find yourself thinking about a passionate experience unlike any other before? The Lily of the Incas, a symbol of closeness and devotion, is both my favourite flower and one I've always felt personal association to. I, myself, devote my entirety to that which I adore. Often finding myself indulging others in my unbridled passions and dedication to emotional connection and tenderness. Get to know me and you'll find a woman of varied interest in a variety of artistic mediums from film to music. Even on a surface level, such passions are evident in the body art of which I've adorned myself to create my painted visage. However, that isn't the only form in which I cultivate my expression. In maneuvering this petite and feminine figure of mine, I've been gifted to share the ultimate and most genuine form of intimate expressionism: an erotic tryst. When two souls collide, the experience extends beyond physical. What you'll find is a mental connection and binding of hearts where two burning flames search for one another through a corporeal relationship. Love and adoration is something we all invest our lives in seeking and I make it my goal as an artist to cultivate that carnal yet amorous emotion in it's impassioned state and procure a closeness to it's most heightened capabilities

Duos: With advances planning, and mutual correspondence, duos are available with the beautiful Chloee Rose! Regular rates apply for both.

For extended rates, please inform me so I may provide you with a rate accordingly.
Longer liaisons are loved and encouraged. My preference is towards longer dates and in the gentlemen whom can afford the time.
Allowing our afternoon, evening or weekend-away to organically and flirtatiously unfold... then sitting back to revel in the hours well spent and clothes scattered across the room.

Email: (most preferred)
Phone: 647-620-4919 (text only, calls will be ignored)
Twitter: @camillalushXO
Snapchat: camillalushXO

Preferred411 ID: P195388
TER ID: 271074

To avoid the hassle of endless back and forth communications, please make an effort to provide as much information as possible.

- Name, Age
- Phone number
- Desired Time/Date & My place/Yours, Dinner date/Movie etc.
- Any requests or considerations you may have.
- (Not necessary, but if possible) Your TERB, TER, CERB, P411 handle or an escort referral.

- I ask that you read my entire website thoroughly prior to making initial contact. It is a good idea to do a refresher reading again the day of our date prior to meeting me.
- Prebookings are highly recommended.
- You know what they say: Cleanliness is next to naughtiness! Hygiene is a must. I take the upmost care of myself and would prefer if you could do the same. Toiletries and towels are always in abundant supply at my personal location.
- If you have to cancel for any reason, please be so kind as to do so at least 48hrs before the appointment.
- I am reference friendly and happy to provide you with one, if we have spent time together in the past year. However, please inform me beforehand should you be using me as a reference.

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